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website development

Your website is the portal through which your customers find you. We can help you to create a lead generation monster.

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ecommerce development

We have a track record in building eshops that turnover millions

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data analytics

Your business is all about data.

The secret to your success is in the data.

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What we do

We make websites that are built using key data to ensure success. We study all available, relevant data on the problem at hand, and use that data to formulate a plan, which if implemented correctly, will lead to a solution. By taking sales data, website visitor information, internal databases, industry datasets and more, we find patterns, spot trends and make recommendations that will improve lead generation, conversions, retention and customer satisfaction. We’re based in Mallow, Co. Cork, and work with clients in Ireland and further afield.



“Bananalytics improved our page load speeds from 14 seconds to 2 seconds. We saw an immediate and significant uptick in leads.”


” Bananalytics took our online-only business from 0 to 90,000 Euros in revenue in only 9 months.”


“We gave Ivan access to our sales data, and he found industry data that showed we were underperforming. He was able to find a key niche for one of our product lines which was small, but profitable, and we now dominate the search engines for this niche keyphrase and a few variants.”

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Cloudnordic – A Cautionary Tale About Backups

Cloudnordic – A Cautionary Tale About Backups

On August 18th, a cloud hosting company called CloudNordic had their systems compromised. Their servers were encrypted with ransomware, and they won't or can't pay the ransom to get their data decrypted. Not a problem, you might think - they'll just restore from the...

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Protect Your Website Content From ChatGPT

Protect Your Website Content From ChatGPT

AI is proving divisive amongst content creators. Many applaud it's ability to generate swathes of impressive prose from a short prompt. Others are concerned that the technology is being trained on proprietary content, and the rights holders were never given the option...

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