Data Analytics

Data is the most valuable asset in your business. You use it to evaluate performance, plan for growth, analyse competitors, and run most aspects of your day to day business.

However, there are so many useful metrics and KPIs that can be pulled from data, which you are probably not utilising. Data science and data analytics allows us to combine available data from public sources, competitor analysis and internal data into a data lake which can then be trawled for data that can put your business at a huge advantage, because you will have answers to questions which your competitors probably haven’t even thought to ask.

We start with a consultation to identify blind spots and data holes which are hurting the business’s ability to evaluate and plan. We then come up with a detailed plan to eliminate these blind spots and holes from internal and external data, by working with stakeholders and understanding the data that is available and the data which may be acquired. Once the data has been collected, collated and cleaned, we extract the answers, metrics, trends and KPIs that the business may use to evaluate and plan with confidence.

We’re well versed in non-disclosure agreements, privacy requirements and GDPR.

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“We had archival data on tape, hard disk, remote cloud and even on paper. Bananalytics sifted through it all, cleaned it, removed redundant and duplicate data, and moved paper and legacy archives to modern accessible formats. We now have a query system to allow us to interrogate the data as we add to it.”

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