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Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)


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What is PMaaS?

PMaaS is a flexible and adaptable service that provides project management resources on demand, for any business need. Whether you need a project manager for a specific project, a team of project managers for a portfolio of projects, or a project management office (PMO) to oversee your entire project delivery, PMaaS can help you achieve your goals.

PMaaS allows you to access the skills, experience, and tools of professional project managers, without the hassle and cost of hiring, training, and managing them. You can scale the amount of project management resources up and down as your needs change, and only pay for what you use.

Why do you need PMaaS?

PMaaS can benefit your business in many ways, such as:

  • Saving you time and money by reducing the overhead and risk of hiring and retaining project management staff
  • Improving your project performance and quality by leveraging the best practices and methodologies of expert project managers
  • Enhancing your project visibility and control by using the latest project management tools and technologies
  • Increasing your project agility and flexibility by adapting to changing requirements and priorities
  • Supporting your virtual and remote work environment by enabling collaboration and communication across teams and locations

How does PMaaS work?

PMaaS works in three simple steps:

  • Contact us and tell us about your project management needs. We will assess your situation and propose a customized PMaaS solution that suits your budget, timeline, and objectives.
  • Monitor and manage your projects with the help of our project manager. You can track the progress, status, and performance of your projects through regular reports and dashboards. You can also communicate with our project manager and provide feedback at any time.

What are the benefits of PMaaS?

PMaaS offers you many benefits, such as:

  • Access to experienced, PRINCE 2 certified project managers, with many skills and specialties
  • Ability to scale your project management resources up and down as your needs change, without any long-term commitment or contract
  • Cost-effectiveness and transparency, as you only pay for the project management services that you use, based on a fixed or variable rate
  • Quality assurance and satisfaction guarantee, as we ensure that we deliver high-quality results and meet your expectations
  • Continuous improvement and innovation, as we constantly update our project management knowledge, skills, and tools to keep up with the latest trends and standards

How to get started with PMaaS?

If you are interested in PMaaS and want to learn more, please contact us today. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a free consultation and a quote for your PMaaS solution.
You can also ask about our case studies and insights to see how we have helped other businesses with their project management needs.
We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your projects.