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With backgrounds in corporate software development, data analytics, web design, web development and digital marketing, our team has been carefully put together to make for a unique digital agency which is driven by data rather  than design or technology. We know that data is at the heart of all business decisions, and this is at the core of our data analysis service as well as our eCommerce and website development services.

Where possible, we will do the work in-house. From time to time we require help with specialty disciplines and we have a wide selection of trusted partners with niche skills who can assist us, if you do not have already have a preferred partner in place. We don’t receive any financial gain from any referrals we make. We refer only people we trust, because they help to make us look good. We’re happy to open our large directory of trusted professionals to our clients as connecting people is something we love to do.


“We thought our website was the bees knees. It looked great, but we weren’t seeing the leads we had been lead to expect. Bananalytics were able to improve lead generation quickly and cost-effectively by tackling low-hanging fruit.”

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